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The 2011 NCAA D-I Women's College Soccer tournament begins November 12 and concludes with the College Cup (Final Four) over the December 2-4, 2011 weekend in Kennesaw, GA. 

The girls CASL Soccer Showcase tournament for U15-19 Girls runs concurrently with the College cup in the area surrounding Cary with games during the day to allow for attendance at the College Cup.   CASL is one of the diamond showcases for colleges looking to recruit the best high school players. 

The 2011 NCAA D-I Men's College Soccer tournament begins November 18 and concludes with the College Cup over the December 10-12, 2010 weekend in Santa Barbara, California.

The 2011 NCAA D-II Women's College Soccer tournament begins November 12 and concludes on December 3-4th with the championship in Pensacola, FL. 

The NCAA D-I soccer championship is a single-elimination tournament featuring 64 college soccer teams, both conference champions and at-large champions. 34 Conference tournament champions receive automatic bids. The remaining slots 30 slots are at-large berths and are chosen by a selection committee appointed by the NCAA. The selection process and tournament seedings are based on RPI data and rankings and win-loss records and a some intangibles. 

Playoff brackets are constructed with minimizing travel expenses in mind. While this does present some of the best teams with being eliminated early, at the same time it creates some very exciting matches.   There are 64 teams who receive invitations, some for outright winning their conference, conference tournament; and other receiving at-large invitations because they are in power conferences.  The tournament is split into four (4) regions, though not geographical, with each region having four seeds. In all regions, the #1 seed plays the #16 seed; the #2 team plays the #15, and so on. The effect of this seeding structure ensures that the better a team is seeded, the worse-seeded their opponents will be. The brackets are not reseeded after each round.


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The State of Florida is currently represented in the Patriot League by twelve (12) soccer athletes making the Patriot League one of the largest out-of-state conferences consisting of Florida residents.  Many non-conference matches are against the Ivies as both share many of the same academic/athletic mandates; however, the trend is toward more top 25 opponents each year.

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